5 Mistakes To Avoid During Office Cleaning

February 14, 2020

5 Mistakes To Avoid During Office Cleaning

Most commercial building owners understand how tough it can be to maintain a dust-free office all the time. Dust usually builds up in hard-to-reach and toughest-to-clean areas. Ensuring cleanliness can be a frustrating task, especially when you don’t have a professional cleaning staff that can clean your commercial building or office every day.

It’s recommended to consult a commercial cleaning company if you’re trapped in a losing battle against clutter and dusty surfaces. In Edmonton, companies like Kenbert Cleaning Services make it super easier for facility or office managers to keep everything clean and shining from floor to windows. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes people make when cleaning offices:

Use Of Wrong Material

Dusting and other cleaning activities require certain tools and products. When unprofessional people clean a place, they often use wrong products or tools that lead to damage. For example, using the wrong cleaning solution can destroy your expensive carpet. While it’s relatively easy to find tools to wash or clean floors and windows, cleaning carpets is a technical job. To avoid such mistakes, make sure you hire a dependable cleaning company that has all the necessary equipment and skills to fulfil your cleaning needs satisfactory.

Dusting With Dry Clothes

You shouldn’t use any piece of cloth to clean different surfaces in your office. It’s a mistake to use dry clothes to perform dusting. Most people use dry microfiber cloth rather than a damp cotton cloth to clean surfaces which contain dust. Microfiber cloths trap dust efficiently when slightly damp. Accumulation of dust and oil residue on surfaces can’t be cleaned with dry clothes.

Use Of Abrasive Material

Abrasive cleaning products can damage your precious assets. For instance, using a hard, abrasive piece of cloth for cleaning can create scratches on computer monitors and TV screens. To protect your monitors, TVs, and other sensitive equipment, use recommended cleaning solutions. It might be appropriate to use a microfiber paper towel to clean sensitive surfaces. Using water to clean electronics is also a common mistake.

Use Of Low-Quality Vacuum Filters

Keeping your office 100% dust-free can be a very difficult task. What you can do to minimize the level of dust and airborne particles in your office is use the right vacuum filters. The use of low-quality vacuum filters will spew dust back into the air, making it difficult to trap most of the particles bigger than 0.3 microns. A professional cleaning company will be using highly powerful and eco-friendly dust cleaning solutions to keep your office clean and healthy.

Another common mistake is the use of dirty clothes to clean surfaces. You can either wash cleaning clothes after cleaning or use new pieces of cloth every time you perform cleaning activities. A dirty piece of cloth will only move dust from place to another.

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