5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Commercial Floors Clean

October 21, 2020

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Commercial Floors Clean

One thing that always manages to impress most new clients, customers, or employees is the cleanliness, tidiness, and sanitation of a commercial building. These things are crucial to let your consumers and partners know that you are meticulous about your company’s reputation and brand image.

However, keeping commercial floors clean, glossy, and stain-free all the time is a daunting and close to impossible task, especially if not done right. Commercial buildings receive the most amount of foot traffic in a day, which leads to road grime and grease stains that leave an impression on your floors. If your cleaning staff fails to clean this dirt, it can become a permanent part of the floor, damaging both your flooring material and your company’s image.

For these reasons and many more, we have compiled below a list of our top three easy ways to keep your commercial floors clean and tidy.

Increased Number Of Garbage Cans

Commercial floors are exposed to all sorts of debris, dirt, and grime. Part of this debris comes from employees and customers not using garbage to dispose of their waste and throwing it on the floor instead. This clutters the space and makes the floor dirty. If the company were to install various garbage bins across the building, it could help to prevent the littering problem.

Install Dirt Trapping Rugs

The majority of the dirt that settles on your commercial floors gets transferred from dirt collected at the bottom of visitors’ shoes. By installing dirt trapping rugs in hallways and entrances, you’ll be ensuring that foot traffic doesn’t bring road dirt and germs into the building. Microfiber rugs trap dirt particles better than any other welcome mats and carpets.

When looking for dirt trapping rugs in the market, look for easy-to-wash and dry versions.

Conduct Hourly Floor Checks

Preventing floor mess is a crucial practice, but sometimes even with all the right measures in place, commercial floors get dirty. Fortunately, by conducting floor inspections frequently, you can spot issues and address them early, before anyone starts to notice them.

To make sure your commercial floor is clean at all times, you must conduct hourly floor checks. You can assign this task to your janitorial staff.

Hire Commercial Cleaners

Floor cleaning is a strenuous task. No matter how many in-office janitors you appoint to keep your floors clean, giving a high-end finish to your floors can only be done by professional cleaners. Commercial cleaners are specialized in deep cleaning and sanitizing commercial buildings. Their efficient techniques, high-quality cleaning products, and equipment are all unmatched to any other type of cleaning services.

Furthermore, hiring commercial cleaners who specialize in floor cleaning services, stripping and waxing, is cost-effective and produces the best results.

Strip And Wax Your Floors

Floor stripping and waxing becomes necessary after every 4-6 months. Although this depends on the foot traffic your business receives, waxing and stripping ensure that your floor looks polished, glossy, and truly professional.

At Kenberts Cleaning, we provide the highest-quality stripping, waxing, and buffing services to commercial floors. These services include thoroughly cleaning the floor, then stripping the existing wax with the floor scrubbing machine’s help, then we apply a new coat of good quality wax to achieve an elegant shine. A fine quality wax is then applied on the floor. Lastly, floor buffing services conduct detailed floor buffing to remove any dust particles. These services not only clean your floors but give it an elegant, luxurious shine.

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