6 Smart Office Cleaning Tips

March 13, 2020

6 Smart Office Cleaning Tips

Cleaning an office should not be a hassle. Irrespective of whether you clean your own office or hire a company to take care of the job, your office workspace must be kept clean at all times. Here are some smart office cleaning tips that will put you in the right direction.

Clean the office public area

If there is an area in your office that is specifically designated for customers, then this is the area you want to focus on first. Keeping the customer services section of an office clean cannot be stressed enough. Dust the customer seating area and remove any stains using a stain removal liquid. Wipe the area clean using a cloth.

If the floor is carpeted, consider vacuuming it on a weekly basis.

Clean and organize the paperwork

Look for unsorted paperwork lying around the office. Get rid of old files and documents you no longer need. If you don’t observe a routine for cleaning and organizing your paperwork, it will pile up very quickly. The more you delay organizing the paperwork, the harder it gets. It will also affect the productivity and efficiency of the workplace.

Clean your working area

Apart from having a clean customer service section, it is also important to clean and disinfect the area where most of the team works. Aim for a smart and neat office look. This means adding tasks like dusting to your routine on an ongoing basis.

A dust-repellant spray works well on most surfaces in the working area. It fights dust for up to a week, so you wouldn’t need to clean all too often.

Care for your electronics

Dust is attracted to the surface of most electronics. For this reason, it tends to accumulate pretty quickly on your laptops and printers and even in the cavities around keyboard keys.

Use a separate duster and rag for cleaning the electronic equipment.

When cleaning telephones, use a disinfectant to ward off germs on the device receiver.

Empty your trash everyday

This is another important office cleaning tip. Still, many offices are lazy about it. Do not wait for the garbage to pile up.

If you cannot do it daily, do it every other day. Don’t delay further. It is unhealthy and unsafe.

Disinfect the bathrooms

Keeping the office bathrooms in a meticulous condition is just as important as cleaning any other section of the office. This is crucial for promoting a healthy work environment. Cleaning and disinfecting the toilets results in fewer days off due to sickness and hence boosts office productivity.

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