A Simple Guide To Commercial Carpet Cleaning Problems

November 15, 2019

A Simple Guide To Commercial Carpet Cleaning Problems

A clean work environment is essential to maintain increased productivity in the workplace. Your employees will feel good about the place they work in if it’s completely clutter-free and sanitized. They will have high morale and happy workers mean more productive output. Apart from the staff, your customers will also like to come to your office when you will keep it neat and tidy. It will help you maintain long-term relationships with your clients.

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important aspects of workplace cleanliness. Clean carpets have various health benefits for your staff as they enhance the quality of air in the environment. Harmful microorganisms such as bacteria or allergens can’t grow in the carpets when they are properly washed. It also helps to eliminate crawling insects like dust, mites, and bugs. Regular cleansing helps in prolonging the life of your carpets as well.

Keeping your office neat and clean at all times is a tough task to achieve. There are a number of different options to choose from. You can dedicate a team of janitors out of your company’s operations budget to wash and disinfect different sections of your premises including carpets and floors. Or you can hire a professional cleaning company to take care of these matters for you. Most businesses here in Edmonton hire expert commercial cleaners. A good commercial cleaning company will take care of all your cleaning needs.

The following guide will help you in solving all of your commercial carpet cleaning problems:


The formation of wrinkles, buckles, and ripples is caused by various reasons:

  • Failing to stretch the carpet properly
  • Using an incorrect rug or mat
  • Increased humidity
  • Excessive temperature
  • Exposure to moisture

This is usually a minor issue for most businesses. It’s a common problem that arises when the carpet gets wet during power washing. Synthetic carpets experience rippling or buckling after a wet clean.

Once the carpet gets dry completely, the wrinkles should start to disappear with time as the fibers of the carpet which are stretched initially start to shrink back.


Heavy furniture, when placed in one position, leave visible dents on the surface of the carpet. Some of these depressions which are caused by heavy objects may become permanent after some time.

To remedy this, place glides under the legs of big furniture. You may also move the tables two or three steps back, forward, or on the sides so that the weight is not concentrated at one position.

The other way to resolve this issue is by moistening the dented areas. Some of the tough kinds of carpets regain their shape after this little activity.


This is a normal thing for new carpets as loose strands of fiber remain on the carpet during the manufacturing process which then becomes clots if not removed on time. Due to their large size, they don’t look good and decrease the beauty of your new carpet.

Regular vacuuming over these portions of the carpet will result in the disappearance of the fluffing in due time.

Stains and Grime

Although most modern carpets are advertised as being stain-resistant, but no carpet is completely stain-proof. Occasional spilling of drinks and food items on the office carpet results in the permanence of these stains. Also, dirt and grime settle down under the carpet’s base over time spreading disease-causing microbes.

The best way to get rid of stains and grime is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning services company in Edmonton.


Different substances keep on seeping through the carpet and remain trapped under the surface leaving stains. While attempting to clean these marks, most of the time only the upper surface is washed. When carpet becomes dry, the stains could reappear because of the emergence of the underneath substance into fibers again.

To get rid of this dilemma, use the hot water extraction process followed by the application of a chemical solution to prevent re-soiling.

Fading of Color

Most carpets lose their original dye after constant washing and using different kinds of chemicals to clean them every time. The constant accumulation of pollutants and contaminants under the carpet can also result in fading of color.

This is an issue that is best left to the expert carpet cleaners who specialize in the re-dyeing process.


You can experience some odor issues right after you have replaced your old carpet with a new one in your office. The smell may either be because of the removal of the old carpet or from the new carpet, mat, or seaming tape.

This is a routine matter that can be resolved through the ventilation to allow fresh air to pass through space where the carpet is placed. Try to keep the doors and windows open for as much time as possible. In addition to that, use the HVAC system of your office for 2 to 3 consecutive days to exhaust the air with odors.

Carpets in offices get dirty faster than the ones placed in our homes. This is because of very high foot traffic. Cleaning them daily is not possible for every company. Therefore, most businesses hire the services of expert industrial carpet cleaners for long-lasting cleaning results.

At Kenberts Cleaning Services, we call ourselves the “The Clean Machines” for a reason. We provide highly professional commercial cleaning services to our valued customers at reasonable rates. Contact us now for a free estimate.