All You Need To Know About Construction Clean Up

October 25, 2019

All You Need To Know About Construction Clean Up

It’s an exciting moment when your building is finally constructed and all the construction workers are packing up their tools and trucks. Whether you’ve done some minor renovations to your commercial building or build a whole new venue, the post-construction mess must be properly cleaned up to make your new space ready. After all the construction equipment is removed from the site, you can clean your building.

Is it easy to perform post-construction cleaning? Well, you can clean the space yourself if you have renovated a small part of your building. However, newly constructed spaces require thorough cleaning which involves technical knowledge and equipment. Taking time away from your family and work and doing the cleaning isn’t a wise choice, especially when you can have a professional construction clean up company who can get this job done in an efficient and affordable way.

Post-construction cleaning is not just about picking up the trash and sweeping half-heartedly. It’s a meticulous project. A professional cleaning expert gets into areas you can’t even think of to ensure the hidden spots are cleaned. Let’s take a look at some of the important aspects of post-construction clean up:

Debris removal

A newly constructed building or a part of a building often looks like a cluttered wasteland. While it’s easy to pick up all the water bottles and assorted trash, removing sharp and hazardous materials like drywall scraps, wood, and discard flooring from your building can cause harm to anyone picking it up or walking through. Don’t let your friends or family get into this mess. One of the advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service is that you don’t have to be worried about anything as cleaning professionals know how to safely complete their job.

Window/Wall washing

Most people overlook the significance of cleaning walls and windows after the construction process is completed. The real charm of your new house or office is hidden under the accumulation of dust, mud, dried up soda stains, and caulk. If not done right, dust removal or window washing can damage the sensitive surfaces. Therefore, make sure to hire a construction clean up service that also specializes in window washing.


Removing dust from floor, countertop, shelves and cabinets is another important activity in the construction clean up job. The technical part is that the dust must not get into the air during the cleaning process. Usually, dust makes its way into every corner, crack, and the surface of your building. A professional cleaner knows how to leave no remnants of the construction and make your space dust-free.

Sanitizing from top to bottom

After you remove all the construction debris and dust from your building, it’s time to sanitize your space from top to bottom. Every surface from door trims and cabinets to sinks and flooring should be thoroughly wiped down. After cleaning, you need to properly sanitize your building to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

It’s important to use green products and cleaning practices to protect the environment. The use of the right cleaning products and tools for each surface will increase the value of your building down the line.

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