3 Critical Floor Cleaning Services Your Business Should Invest In

May 14, 2020

3 Critical Floor Cleaning Services Your Business Should Invest In

“First impressions are often the last impressions.”

This quote is particularly accurate for a business that’s trying to impress its potential client. Imagine walking in through an office door and seeing a floor that’s dirty and grimy and looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for ages. Would you, as a client, ever invest in it or buy from it? Chances of that are very low!

Office floors get the most traffic, and it’s crucial to keep them clean for maintaining a healthy environment around the office, and to maintain the right brand image. Any office that has a well-kept floor and a clean and pleasant interior shows the organization’s integrity and seriousness towards their business, and working for and with such company will be an opportunity that no one will want to miss.

Here we discuss three critical floor cleaning services every office should invest in.

Strip And Wax

You might have your office floor cleaned regularly to wipe away the spills and footprints after a long workday. After a while, however, regular cleaning no longer helps. The amount of foot traffic and the use of harsh chemicals to disinfect and clean the floor causes deterioration over time.

Stripping and waxing is a cleaning procedure that removes the buildup by stripping away the older protectant wax and then placing a new layer of wax over the floor. This process removes all the dirt, debris, and stains from the floor, and after a thorough scrubbing, new layers of wax are applied. This process gives the floor a new and shiny look.


There is more to maintaining a shiny and pristine looking floor than just stripping and waxing. To keep the floor good as new, burnishing is essential. It gives maximum shine to the hard floors by scrubbing and partially removing the top layer of previously applied wax that has stubborn dirt and grime. Regular burnishing, with the proper equipment and appropriate frequency, is done to maintain recently waxed and stripped floors.

Burnishing maintenance is done in areas that are used extensively. This includes office and building entrances, common rooms, lobbies, healthcare facilities, etc.

Auto Scrub Or Floor Scrub

Floor scrubbing or auto scrubbing is used to maintain large spaces of hard floors that receive the most amount of foot traffic in a day. The two processes, floor scrubbing and auto scrubbing, are often used interchangeably.

The process utilizes a machine scrubber that makes use of a cleaning agent, rotating scrubbing pad, and real-time water suction vacuum that cleans even the most stubborn dirt. Keep in mind that auto scrubbers work best with non-porous surfaces like concrete, vinyl, tile, and more, and should be avoided on porous, and natural wood floors.

Office floors, due to the high amount of foot traffic, need constant cleaning to keep their floor quality sheen. A dirty looking floor leaves a bad impact on your customers and will inevitably affect your business. A dirty floor might also be carrying harmful pathogens that can infect a lot of people. Therefore, it’s essential to get your floor professionally cleaned once a month. The cleaning services described above will be worth your investment.

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