Essential Places To Clean Before Selling Your Commercial Property

June 11, 2020

Essential Places To Clean Before Selling Your Commercial Property

Selling your commercial property for a feasible price requires a considerable amount of effort in terms of its maintenance and care. No matter how favorable the location of your industrial building is, if you haven’t adequately maintained your property both from inside and outside, it’ll be hard to make a good sale.

Commercial buildings for sale must be ready to move in when you show it to your customers in a bid to finalize the potential deal. In order to increase the odds of striking an attractive deal with your client, you should consider seeking expert commercial cleaning services to clean up the following essential areas for your commercial property.

General Public Places

General public areas are one of the most important places to clean up before trying to sell an office or building. This includes cleaning spaces such as foyers, meeting rooms, lounges, bathrooms, building exteriors, and more. Maintaining these vital public areas through professional cleaning services doesn’t only portray a positive image about your property, but also helps in creating a hygienic environment for both clients and staff.

It’s easy for your real estate agent to show bidders and buyers through a well-kept, neat, and clean building while trying to close a viable deal for you. Start with cleaning the exterior of your building as it’s the first area potential clients and other people will notice about your property. The clean appearance of foyers and entrances is equally essential.

An expert cleaning service can scrub general public areas from top to bottom and give them a sparkling look you never thought was possible. This involves disinfecting all surfaces, cleaning and mopping floors, dusting shelves, polishing metallic surfaces, and more. Professional commercial building cleaners will make sure all ceilings, walls, floors, and furniture are adequately cleaned and made presentable.


Just like in any other place, bathrooms in commercial buildings are also one of the contaminated areas that require frequent cleaning. Both staff and customer bathrooms should be kept in hygienic condition. Before you invite potential customers to check your building, call in the services of professional cleaners to sanitize your bathrooms properly.

Some of the essential tasks to carry out include scrubbing tiles, cleaning exhaust fans and ventilation systems, emptying and disinfecting recycle bins, replacing hand towels and toilet paper, disinfecting floors, cleaning sinks and toilets, and more.


The state of your workspace is a good reflection of moral practices and standards held by the business occupying the commercial building. Neat and tidy workplace displays a good sense of corporate culture and shows keen attention toward regular facility management by the owners.

Obtain the services of a professional commercial cleaning company that can perform cleaning on a large scale and well within your budget and timeframe. These cleaning experts utilize the appropriate cleaning products and equipment to get rid of hard-to-remove stains and greases from a variety of surfaces. This includes decontaminating floors and walls and also deep cleaning HVAC systems.

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