Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Window Washing

August 13, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Window Washing

Keeping your office window clean, both from inside and outside of the building is crucial to maintaining your entire organization’s best look. In general, window washing requires a well-trained and experienced crew and also specialized cleaning tools and supplies. For these reasons, many firms prefer outsourcing this function to expert commercial cleaning companies.

Here, we will provide answers to some commonly asked questions FAQs about commercial window cleaning:

Should I Hire An Expert To Clean My Windows Or Should I Do It Myself?

Washing your windows regularly prevents your office windows from becoming blemished or etched over time. Professional window cleaning services will clean your windows without leaving residue, etchings, or streaks behind. Apart from that, they have a trained eye for faulty windows and can help you replace windows before they become a liability.

Hiring expert window washers can also help you save much time and money in the long run by keeping your windows in the most exceptional condition. These dedicated commercial window washing services come with the right type of cleaning equipment that help achieve the window cleaning job at a faster pace and with top notch quality.

Is A Professional Window Washing Service Better Than An Average Maid Service?

Yes, calling an expert window washing service is far better than carrying out window cleaning through a typical maid service. This is mainly because the average cleaning services utilize low-quality cleaning supplies and paper towels to wash windows. Most of their work relies on rubbing the dirt around and creating a static charge, attracting more dirt and scratching the glass.

On the other hand, professional window washers utilize cleaning tools and supplies that have been well known to be highly effective in the window washing industry. Moreover, most commercial window washing companies use biodegradable cleaning products, which leave a pleasant sparkle after each wash.

How Often Should I Get My Windows Cleaned?

The number of times you should wash your office windows depends on your requirements, including your location, type of window, budget concerns, and other conditions. While most residential clients carry out their external window cleaning twice a year, window washing needs of the majority of commercial customers vary from monthly to quarterly, depending on the business type.

How Much Money Will A Window Washing Service Cost Me?

The best commercial window cleaners provide their clients with an individual quotation for each commercialized property to ensure their clients receive value for money. Each commercial building is unique, with windows in varying sizes. Each window washing job gets priced through accurate price estimates after assessing each property, window types, and other specific cleaning requirements.

Why Should I Get My Windows Washed From Inside And Outside At The Same Time?

It’s best to get your windows cleaned both from interior and exterior simultaneously to observe the full extent of a correctly washed window. A smudge or smear left on your window’s inner side by a window washing facility may leave you dissatisfied with their service, which is why most of the experienced window washers prefer to clean both sides of the windows.

Do Expert Window Washing Companies Bring Their Cleaning Equipment And Supplies?

Yes, the professional window cleaning firms bring in all the necessary window washing equipment and cleaning supplies, including ladders and specialized window cleaning products. These enable them to carry out power washing, gutter cleaning, and other related services effectively.

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