How to Effectively Clean Exterior Windows

March 6, 2020

How to Effectively Clean Exterior Windows

In this post we will discuss how to clean exterior windows. Window cleaning allows more natural light. Stained windows can make a house or an office interior appear dark and unprofessional. For best results, follow a cleaning schedule to keep your windows glistening clean at all times.

Expert window cleaners generally follow a five-step window cleaning process.

  1. Pre brush the window sills all the way around
  2. Prewash the window
  3. Remove spots on the window
  4. Squeegee the window
  5. Detail the window

Pre Brush the window

This step involves removing the window screen if there is a screen on the window. Find the screen springs. Push them toward the spring end of the window using a thumb and a screen extractor tool.

Use the tool to get inside the window screen and then pop it out.

With the other thumb, push the screen in. Meanwhile, use your fingers to leverage the window screen out.

Place the screen somewhere safe.

If the window is still open, use the screen extractor to push the window frame and shut the window all the way.

Pre Brush any debris and dust off the edges and base of the window. If you come across stubborn debris, push it loose using the screen extractor.

Brush the sills and remove as much debris as possible.

Window prewash

Have your bucket on you when pre washing exterior windows. You also need a cleaning soap like Dawn to add to the mop or absorber.

Wash the window frames all around. Wash the entire thing. Clean the frames using a pair of trash towels and get rid of any heavy debris.

Wipe the sills out.

Remove stubborn spots

The third stage involves spot removal. Dip the absorber in the water. Apply Dawn soap detergent onto the absorber.

Lubricate the window glass with the detergent. At this stage, the window will be ready for polishing.

Use steel wool or a metal blade to polish the window.

Place a small piece of steel wool in your fingers, and then gently rub it all across the window. Use your fingers to feel the window for spots as you run the steel wool on it.

A small metal blade may be used for getting rid of stubborn spots that aren’t removed by the steel wool.

After the polish, you will have a clean piece of glass.

The window is ready to be squeegeed.

Squeegee the window

Dip the absorber in the water bucket. Add some more soap if necessary. Mop the window one more time using the absorber.

Before squeegeeing, run a rag along the window edges.

Choose squeegees that are the right size for the window. Smaller squeegees can work on larger windows, but larger squeegees aren’t very handy when it comes to cleaning smaller windows.

Get your squeegee smaller than you think you’ll need.

Squeegee the window in an “S” motion. Perfecting the use of squeegee for window cleaning takes time. As a thumb rule, you want the upper tip of the squeegee to be slightly ahead of the bottom tip as you skid the squeegee across the window in the S motion.

Place a towel or cloth underneath the squeegee as it approaches the end of the window.

Wipe the blade of the squeegee down after use to keep it running longer.

Wipe down any spillover dripping down the window.

Detail the window

This is the final step of exterior window cleaning. Use a microfiber cloth to clean any marks that are still left on the window.

Microfiber cloth doesn’t leave any marks on the surface even if it is damp, which is why it is recommended by almost every window detailing expert.

Inspect the window

You want to have a sky background when inspecting the glass. Duck down if you have to so the entire window glass reflects a sky background. In that position, inspect the window all the way from the top to the bottom.

If you see a spot, take it off using the microfiber cloth.

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