Leave The Cleaning To The Professionals

June 5, 2020

Leave The Cleaning To The Professionals

Office cleaning is a sensitive matter; the entire reputation and impression of an organization depend on it. A clean and tidy workplace leaves a lasting impression on your visitors, customers, and business partners, and helps you build long-term relationships with them. It also assists in boosting your employees’ morale and enhancing their productivity.

There are a variety of liabilities associated with not cleaning your business place adequately, including health-related issues, injuries due to slips and falls, and more. Maintaining proper cleanliness at a firm is not something that can be done with limited resources and ill-trained janitorial staff.

Many companies prefer to get the expert services of commercial cleaners to benefit from their state-of-the-art cleaning team, equipment, and methods. It saves them the hassle of hiring and training in-house staff and having to purchase cleaning products and tools for cleaning their facilities. However, there’re still some firms that choose to clean their premises by themselves to save costs.

The following are some risks involved in cleaning your office or building yourself:

Liability Insurance

When you manage your firm cleanliness on your own, you’ll need to fulfill liability insurance requirements. Slips and falls are common issues when cleaning function is left in the hands of amateurs. If one of your workers slips on a wet floor, you’ll have to pay for their medical bills. And, if it’s one of your clients, then you could potentially face a costly lawsuit.

When you obtain the services of a professional cleaning company, their liability insurance will provide coverage if anyone is injured, saving you the hassle of facing possible lawsuits in case of workplace accidents.

Overhead Costs

Having an in-house janitorial team does seem like a sensible option. However, when you consider the combined expenses of compensation, benefits, and purchasing and storing cleaning equipment and supplies, it doesn’t remain a viable option anymore.

On the contrary, when you obtain the services of expert cleaners, you are no longer required to pay your contracted cleaning crew anymore. Whether it’s their basic salary or insurance fees, everything will be taken care of by the service provider. Similarly, they will also bear the costs of purchasing cleaning products and tools themselves.

Reduced Employee Productivity

Janitorial duties are specialized services that require regular training of cleaning workers. Companies that employ in-house janitors don’t usually have a dedicated janitorial department to take care of such training needs. This leads to disrupting the flow of a company’s daily routine operations.

When you oversee secondary tasks such as cleaning, your staff members will likely feel stressed and unable to execute their duties on time, resulting in reduced worker productivity. All of this can be avoided by contracting the services of an expert office cleaning company that employs well-trained cleaning professionals who can execute office cleaning smoothly and efficiently.

OSHA Compliance

The guidelines provided by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration OSHA require all workplaces to be free of known safety and health hazards. If you opt for taking care of office cleaning on your own, you’ll also have to ensure complete compliance with the OSHA guidelines.

Cleaning your business place is a full-time job that requires know-how of complex regulations. Therefore, it’s best to leave this vital function in the hands of qualified and experienced office cleaners who are very familiar with every health and safety regulation.

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