5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

June 18, 2020

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning requires a significant amount of skill and diligence; therefore, you should only hire the services of a reliable office cleaning company. Selecting the right commercial cleaning company to clean your industrial premises can be a daunting task to achieve.

There are many service providers in the market to choose from, so it becomes challenging to know which type of cleaning service suits your business and will meet your cleaning needs. Find cleaning services that have high standards in place and utilize the right processes so you can have peace of mind knowing your premises will always be clean and orderly.

The following are the top five questions you need to ask when hiring commercial cleaning services for your business:

What Sort Of Cleaning Services Do You Provide?

Knowing exactly what kind of cleaning services your next commercial cleaning company will provide to you is significantly vital. Prepare a list of cleaning tasks your commercial building requires regularly and discuss these tasks one by one with your potential service provider during the initial meeting.

Then, match your cleaning needs with the type of cleaning services they provide. This will help you understand whether the service provider can handle your regular business cleaning requirements or not. Reliable office cleaners offer a range of cleaning services to their clients, including carpet cleaning, power scrubbing, window washing, high dusting, floor cleaning, and other related services.

Does Your Cleaning Crew Have Any Relevant Work Experience?

The commercial cleaning service company you choose must employ an efficient and professional cleaning crew that has years of experience in disinfecting and sanitizing your type of business. Remember, it’s not just about cleaning any facility; if you run a hospital, and you need frequent cleaning, it would help if you only deal with someone who has prior experience in that sector.

They should also provide you with their training regimes, and safety and health procedures that are crucial for the completion of complex cleaning tasks related to your business. In short, when you’re looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company, you must ask them about their prior experience with similar commercial properties.

Are Your Services Insured?

A dependable commercial cleaning service always has required insurance policies in place to ensure the smooth running of their business operations as well as protecting the assets of their customers. Confirm with your potential service provider whether their insurance will cover all work-related insurance liabilities.

What Accreditations Do You Have?

Also, ask your prospective office cleaners about the type of accreditations they have. In this way, you’ll get to know whether or not the cleaners working on site are aware of or follow any workplace safety standards. The right commercial cleaners always provide their new employees with required certifications and training so that they can perform high-quality service that meets their quality and safety standards.

Does Your Service Include Cleaning Supplies?

One advantage of hiring a commercial cleaning contractor is the amount of time and money it saves you in terms of cleaning products and equipment. Reliable cleaning companies bring in their cleaning supplies, the price of which is pre-included in your contract.

This helps you keep focused on your primary business functions while your contracted commercial cleaners purchase the right cleaning products and chemicals for your facility. That’s why your prospective service providers must bring in and use specialized cleaning chemicals to clean all your commercial premises thoroughly.

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