Safety Methods To Follow During Window Washing

July 15, 2020

Safety Methods To Follow During Window Washing

Window washing is one of the riskiest services that commercial cleaning companies offer to their clients. It might not look to you as that much of a risk, but you better ask the window cleaners hanging in the air outside your building to understand how they feel out there. This blog talks about the methods of avoiding and minimizing the risks that we usually associate with the job of commercial window washing.

Running ladders and gantries

One of the methods that window washers use to reach high windows and clean them properly without having too much risk is using running ladders and gantries. You must realize one thing: that no equipment is the safest and eradicates all chances of accidents, unless and until the equipment is inspected, maintained, repaired, and replaced in time. Running ladders makes it easier to move from one window to another window. If there’s enough space on the ground to move the running ladder, it’s easier than any other equipment. It can, therefore, result in doing the job quicker than expected.

Facade or suspended equipment

Another method is to use suspended or facade equipment to reach the window and ensure that the cleaners are not at risk of falling. It’s safer than ladders because it has a basket or a bucket kind of a structure in which the cleaner stands and cleans the windows, with more footing and stability. The greater sense of balance minimizes the risks of any falls, injuries, and accidents. It also enables the cleaners to clean the windows thoroughly and with minimum threats and fears of falling and getting injured.

Using ropes to access

There may be some outrageous window cleaners who love to be more adventurous and using ropes to access the window for cleaning. Another reason can also be the nature and location of some windows that are impossible to reach with other equipment such as ladders and facades. For such windows, hanging from a rope is the only option, or it’s the easiest and quickest method to do the job. Ropes might sound very risky, but if it’s a proper rope used by professionally trained expert cleaners, there won’t be any issue using ropes to clean windows.


Ladders have been in use for such a long time now, and people still trust ladders maybe more than any other equipment when it comes to carrying out a job like window washing. Although ladders are not as safe as other equipment, there has been a long trustable relation between workers and ladders that make them feel safer when using ladders instead of other equipment. Ladders may be more reliable when there’s not much height involved, and maybe there are space issues for the running ladders or any other equipment.

Perhaps not the safest, but in particular situations, ladders might become the only option to use for washing windows. If there’s no other equipment available due to any reason, a ladder is the only equipment that you can use to do the job. It’s also the easiest equipment to get from anywhere.

Kenberts Cleaning Services doesn’t only have all the possible modern and safest equipment but also highly skilled professional cleaners to make sure they use equipment properly to minimize risks. We ensure to regularly inspect the equipment, repaired, or replaced to ensure the safety of our window cleaners. Get in touch with us by clicking contact us.