How To Select The Best Commercial Window Cleaning Company

November 29, 2019

How To Select The Best Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Maintaining a nice and tidy image for commercial buildings is one of the priorities of businesses in Canada and the rest of the world today. Most of these companies have a glass-based front which showcases the front of the building which can have stores and even offices. Therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain nice and clean front windows and glass to attract customers.

Hiring your own in-house window cleaner can prove to be very costly. This is the reason why companies hire the services of a professional window cleaner in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Selecting the right commercial cleaner however is key to achieving high efficiency and effectiveness in terms of money, time, and getting clean windows and glass.

To choose the best window washer in Edmonton, you need to have adequate knowledge about this industry. The following are some of the things you need to consider before deciding on your next commercial window cleaning company:

Training and Accreditation

One of the very first things to consider while assessing a window cleaning company is whether their workers are fully trained or not. What’s the use of hiring a commercial cleaning service when they are not even qualified to perform the required task?

A good cleaning company is one that provides their employees with the right set of skills and trains them on the best cleaning practices to deliver optimal results for clients. Their cleaners should have enough expertise and familiarity with the latest sanitizing techniques in the commercial cleaning industry.

Another key aspect of knowing the credibility of a window washer is to see whether their workers have the required certifications and accreditations to do their job. Workplace safety is also important so make sure your upcoming window washers have the right skills to ensure complete security of themselves and those around the building while cleaning windows. Some of the things that should be covered in accreditations may include occupational health and safety, working safely at heights, first aid, aerial lift mechanism and public liability.


Insurance is also one of the primary things that you should ask your potential window cleaners about. Make sure their workers are completely insured with one of the best insurance companies in Canada. This will save you from unexpected financial burdens in the future if any worker of your service provider gets involved in an accident or gets injured.

Having the services fully insured means that the commercial window cleaners have the utmost respect not just for their employees but also for the customers. Apart from their workers’ guarantees, they also require to give general insurance to clients in case something breaks during service delivery.

Experience and Work Quality

When it comes to performing the task, relevant experience does matter a lot. Window washing is a delicate task that should only be performed by those who possess enough on-field knowledge and skills. Also, the glass on most of the windows is very expensive which means it should be in safe hands. Therefore, your next cleaning representative must ideally have years of experience in office windows cleaning.

It’s not all about the safety and insurance of the cleaning service, what matters the most is the quality of the work that will be performed by your window washer. After all, the basic purpose of outsourcing is so that you get the best window cleaning results. You can judge a company’s work quality from their previous projects and ask their clients for feedback. If they consistently get good reviews on their website, it means that they are efficient in their work.


Some of the amateur cleaning companies don’t even have the right set of tools to perform their job. Although money is tight in the economy these days you should be careful not to select an amateur service provider as they might not produce effective cleaning results and will pose a threat to your building as well.

A good window washer possesses all the equipment which is essential for achieving maximum cleaning results. They have clean towels, wipers and water supply, and good quality cleaning chemicals. Their ladders are in fine condition and they provide up-to-date personal protective equipment to their workers.

Even a commercial cleaner has all the required instruments, it should be checked whether they have kept their tools in good condition or not. Dirty and worn-out equipment will not give you the expected washing outcomes of your outsourced company. The service provider which keeps their tools in such condition will produce the same kind of cleaning results for you.

Quote Policy

Last but not least, check how flexible the quote policy is of the commercial cleaners before hiring them. A good company will provide free estimates on their services. Make sure you ask the window cleaning firm to come to your office for confirming their quote so that you can discuss your window washing requirements with them face to face and in detail. It’s also a good opportunity for you to assess the level of seriousness and commitment of the service provider to the task at hand.

Window washing is an essential part of overall office cleaning. Finding a suitable window cleaner for your commercial building requires adequate knowledge and research. Just make sure you follow the above-mentioned guidelines while assessing different service providers.

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