The Basics Of Commercial Floor Waxing

January 22, 2020

The Basics Of Commercial Floor Waxing

Commercial buildings require extensive maintenance routines – and for good reason too! The presentation of your business offices and shops has to be perfect; otherwise, it will leave a negative impression on your potential clients. A well maintained commercial space helps you impress your clients and customers, which raises the chance of getting more business and sales. To achieve this perfect presentation, a great deal of focus should be dedicated to the floors of your commercial space.

Keeping your floors in their best condition requires several actions to be performed regularly. When you leave your floors unchecked, they will not only lose their original appearance, but flooring such as tiles will slowly get worn down. It gets challenging to maintain the floor tiles if they get worn off or when they become porous. In this perspective, we’d like to share the basic things you must know about getting your commercial floors waxed and raise the productivity of your business and other professional activities.

Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is very crucial if you want to maintain your commercial office floors, as this process will remove any prior coatings of wax and finish until the bare floor tiles are left. It is best to strip your floor as it will help in achieving a completely balanced new finish and waxing. Floor stripping is the most time-consuming task and demands the hardest work as you maintain your commercial floors.

Apply Sealer

The second step that you must follow after stripping your floor of all the old coatings of finish and waxes is to apply sealers. Sealers work as insulation for your floor tiles, and you must apply two coats of a high-quality sealer so that there are no leaks of wax even if your tiles are old and have become porous.

Apply Wax

After applying the required number of coats of sealer, you must now apply the wax coat on your floor. There are different types of floor waxes available on the market, and you must choose the wax that best suits your floor tiles. Ideally, you should apply at least 4 to 5 wfax coatings to get the best results and to make sure your floor wax lasts for a long time.

Apply Finish

After you’re done with applying the floor wax, you should apply the finish layers on top of the waxed floor. The finish helps to protect the wax that you have applied and reduces the scratches and accumulation of dirt over time.

Buff Your Floor

The final step would be to buff your commercial floors. Floor buffing removes any dust particles from the floor, and it brings out the shine of your floor. Floor buffing, when done regularly, increases the life of the finish and the wax on the floors. Therefore, it would be best to get your commercial floors buffed on a monthly, if not weekly basis, to retain the perfected floor appearance for a long time.


You must maintain a clean and presentable appearance of your commercial floors. It will need several professional activities, as explained above, to bring out the best form of your commercial floors. If you miss out on any of the above, you will not be able to achieve the best form and, therefore, will need to get your floor waxed more often, which is more costly.

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