The Risk Of Commercial Cleaners Using The Wrong Products

August 26, 2020

The Risk Of Commercial Cleaners Using The Wrong Products

Amid a global pandemic centered around COVID-19, sanitation and cleanliness have become a top priority now more than ever. It has become necessary for every workspace to have health and safety guidelines in place. Organizations dealing with a large workforce are especially concerned about making sure that their office surfaces’ are perfectly cleaned. These workspaces include commercial and industrial business properties, many of which employ professional cleaners to provide cleaning services.

When an organization hires professional commercial cleaners, they expect them to do the job efficiently and accurately. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We have a lot of novices and untrained professional cleaners available to do the job these days, and their inexperience can result in costly and dangerous mistakes. One common mistake that many unprofessional cleaners make is using incorrect cleaning products. Not only does this leave a job unfinished and poorly done, but it can leave people at risk as well. Some of these risks associated with using the wrong cleaning products are;

Health Risks

One of the most prominent risks when using the wrong cleaning products is that it puts those who work within the premises at risk.

Many commercial-grade cleaners are loaded with harmful chemicals and acids to kill resistant and unhealthy microbes. These potent chemicals pose a threat to human health and are highly unsafe, especially if inhaled consistently. For this reason, companies often make products for both areas, with and without heavy human traffic. However, inexperienced cleaners are more likely to use the wrong products in the wrong places. For example, we recently had a case where an organization approached us and complained about inefficient cleaning that was making their staff sick. On further investigation, we found that their previous cleaners had been doing their job wrong.

Some of the health risks associated with using the wrong cleaning products are pneumonia, headache, chronic respiratory problems, and allergic reactions. To ensure your staff’s health and safety, it is crucial that you carefully select your cleaning company.

Property Damage

At Kenberts Cleaning services, we know the worth of using the right cleaning solutions in office spaces. Using the right materials designed for specific areas is the only way to eliminate stubborn grime, oils, mess, pathogens, and viruses. We are aware that using proper cleaning methods and materials is the only way to protect office surfaces and increase their longevity.

Commercial property owners are proud of what they have built and want to be sure it is taken care of the right way. However, an inexperienced cleaner can damage your property. For example, using the wrong cleaning product on a hardwood floor can immediately destroy the topcoat finish on the flooring. Similarly, if a cleaning agent that is too acidic is used on marble or tile flooring, it can cause lasting damage to the floors.

At Kenberts Cleaning Services, we precisely know which will be the best and worst cleaning agent for cleaning and taking care of your property.

Inefficient Cleaning

As stated above, using the wrong cleaning product leaves the job incomplete. This may not be a big problem short-term, but in the long-term, you’ll notice how significant an impact it has on your organization. Inefficient cleaning will mean not only a dirty and greasy looking carpet but also permanent damage to your office assets, poor air quality, unproductive employees, unhealthy employees, and a lot of absentees. Simply put the results will not be fruitful.

If you’re looking for expert and highly trained commercial cleaners in Edmonton, Alberta, contact us today.