Things To Consider Before Hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaners

May 28, 2020

Things To Consider Before Hiring Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Accomplishing effective commercial carpet cleaning requires a great deal of investment. Companies want to keep their carpets in an ideal state for as long as possible. The longer they can keep their carpet neat and clean, the higher the return they can expect from their investment.

If you’re a facility manager or run a medium to large size company, it’s vital to clean your carpets through expert carpet cleaning services regularly. However, some organizations only consider economic reasons and hire a low-quality carpet cleaning company based on the lowest rates.

While the price is an essential factor while deciding on hiring carpet cleaners, it shouldn’t be the only element to keep in mind when hiring your potential service providers. The following are some of the top things to consider before you hire your next commercial carpet cleaners:

Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

There are a variety of different cleaning chemicals out there in the market for carrying out commercial carpet cleaning. Using the wrong formulas for your carpet type could cause damage to your carpet when applied frequently. Chemicals with high alkaline levels or optical brightening properties can eventually lead to yellowing, fading, or discoloration of your office carpets.

Make sure you ask your prospective carpet cleaners about the type of cleaners they will utilize and whether those chemicals will have any potential adverse effects on your carpet. Always look for carpet cleaners that use solutions with green certifications to prevent any possible negative impact on your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are a range of different techniques being used to clean carpets. Depending on your carpet type, using the wrong cleaning method could cause some severe damage to it. Check with your prospective service provider about the kind of methods they use. The type of cleaning technique being used should follow the recommendations of your carpet manufacturer.

Cleaning Expertise

Apart from using safe cleaning methods and high-quality cleaning supplies, your potential office carpet cleaners must have vast knowledge and experience in cleaning carpets. They should know how different chemicals and cleaning techniques affect various carpet types, or how to appropriately utilize their equipment while cleaning carpets.

An unskilled carpet cleaner could leave a chemical residue behind or too much water in your carpet, resulting in microbial contamination and long-term damage to your carpet. That’s why it’s highly imperative that you always choose highly experienced, well trained, and certified commercial cleaners for your office carpet cleaning.

Value-Added Services

Apart from using high-quality carpet cleaning chemicals and methods, it’s also essential to know whether or not your service providers offer any extra value that sets them apart from other carpet cleaners.

Some professional carpet cleaning companies also have a standard to apply a fiber shield over your carpet with each cleaning to protect your carpet from staining in the future. In contrast, others don’t provide such value-added services.

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