Winter Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Office Spotless

October 14, 2020

Winter Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Office Spotless

Winter is an important season of the year when it comes to cleaning your commercial places. Especially in Canada, where people face one of the most severe weather conditions and extreme circumstances.

Some of the cleaning challenges you may have to face during winter include; snow and slush ruining your commercial floors and carpets. Low air quality increases the risk of spreading infectious diseases, and reduced ventilation between indoor and outdoor environments, causing dust to settle on the office’s floors, windows, and office accessories like computers, desks, and others.

For these reasons and many more, it is essential to keep your commercial spaces clean, sanitized, and healthy, especially in the winter. If things are not maintained the way they should be, the office’s productivity and efficiency will greatly decrease.

Our cleaning experts at Kenbert’s Cleaning Services shared their top tips for keeping your office spotless and wholesome this winter.

Keep Your Parking Lots Clean

When it comes to keeping your commercial buildings clean during the winter months, it all starts with maintaining your parking lots. Most people in Canada commute through their vehicles. The only place where snow and slush can collect at the bottom of their shoes and then get transferred to the office floors is the company’s parking area.

Therefore, it is essential to keep your parking spaces clean, dry, and free of snow as much as possible, so the dirt and snow residue won’t get tracked in. You can further protect your commercial floors by installing waterproof mats and dirt trapper rugs at every building entrance.

Deep Clean Your Floors

Road debris, residual salt (laid out on the street to prevent snow accumulation), ice, and slush all pose a significant threat to your office’s floors and carpets. As your customers and staff walk through the snow and slush outside, the debris can make its way into the office and can leave undesirable marks on the floors.

Even worse, the debris can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other microbes. The moisture that comes along with the slush, if not cleaned immediately, can cause fungus to grow on your carpets or waxed floors.

In order to prevent your floors from giving in to these issues, it is essential to make sure they are deep cleaned once a month. For added protection, make sure your janitorial staff is regularly sweeping the dust and debris off the floors. Moreover, keep in mind that the longer the dirt stays on your carpet, the less time it will take to ruin your carpets fibers.

Disinfect And Improve Air Quality

Research states that indoor air can have up to five times more pollutants than outdoor air, making indoor air quality naturally low. Since the condition worsens due to little ventilation in winter, you must ensure your HVAC systems are effectively running, and your in-office cleaners are regularly disinfecting every corner of the building. By doing so, you will be taking preventive steps to keep your office staff comfortable and healthy.

Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company

Winter cleaning can be strenuous and is a task that should not be delegated to just anyone. Therefore, the best way to maintain your office’s clean and spotless environment is by hiring commercial cleaners.

Commercial cleaners specialize in cleaning and sanitizing every nook and corner of commercial buildings. Compared to self-cleaning or in-office janitorial services, commercial cleaners are way more skilled and experienced. Their efficiency is apparent in their work, and the results you obtained by hiring them are unmatched to any other type of cleaning services.

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